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Our Happy Christmas|我們的快樂聖誕

Thanks to Joyce,Mary  and her students, the wonderful live performance made us an unforgettable Silent night. 謝謝JOYCE,小黃和小朋友們,悠揚音樂讓我們的平安夜因此不一樣,祝福大家聖誕快樂。Merry Merry Christmas all our friends and families. 🙂 Advertisements

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臘腸蒸雞飯|Steam canton sausages and chicken rice

  回憶裡的臘腸蒸雞飯 油香撲鼻 Steam canton sausages and chicken rice the aroma of Hong Kong Winter ________________ 12/24及25晚上還有我們的創意家常聖誕晚餐組合 We will have fusion Xmas dinner set on 24 & 25 Dec: 胡蘿蔔番茄豬骨湯 Tomato carrots pork ribs soup 火雞蜂蜜芥末葡萄乾核桃沙拉 Turkey shredds and walnuts … Continue reading

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存在 | Presence

很多人說開店需要妥協 很多人跟我們說生意經 或許 我們是理想化 然而 誰知道 生命有多長 兩個陌生的香港人 因為對這個寶島的喜愛 來到千里之外 做自己喜歡的事情 所以 我們堅持 抱持初衷 這裡的 咖啡 茶葉 美食 音樂 環境 會一直保持水準 始終如一 我們願意為知音存在 Many said we need to compromise Many told us about business theories Maybe we are really idealistic … Continue reading

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Silent Night Music Performance

12 月24日平安夜晚上,Canopy 邀請了曾任國家交響樂團(N.S.O.)演出企劃組及指揮家音樂中心指導老師戴瓊瑤女士與她的高徒黃毓茹小姐於晚上1900至2030舉行鋼琴,長笛以及 小提琴演奏會,還有可愛的小朋友們的聖誕合唱,歡迎大家一起來渡過一個和樂歡欣的平安夜晚上。 訂座請致電02﹣23660381 或0975243225洽詢 On the silent night of 24th Dec 2012, the air of Canopy will be filled with wonderful live music of piano, flute and violin performed by Ms Joyce Dai and her student Ms. Huang … Continue reading

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Vin Chaud for Christmas

台北冬天沒有雪 但下過雨的空氣一樣冷冽 如果今天過後世界還沒末日 這個平安夜和聖誕夜 來喝一杯法式香料熱紅酒吧 Although there is no snow in Taipei the air after winter rain can still be freezing cold. if it isn’t the end of the world tonight come to us for a glass of French Vin … Continue reading

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Petals and Shadows 花與影

  瓶子與花瓣 形形式式 每一張桌子上 也是一場花姿與影子的漫舞 Vases and Petals. It’s a dance between shadows and flowers

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Our Doll of Sunshine

晴天娃娃終於求來太陽 微涼的空氣 少了濕漉漉的感覺 舒爽 是一個人靜待 聽JAZZ 喝MACHIATTO 想想事情的好日子 Doll of Sunshine finally brought us the sun chilling air without the endless moist it’s a good fresh day for Jazz, machiatto and thoughts.

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